Saponificio Rondinella srl


Sub Contracting

SAPONIFICIO RONDINELLA is skilled in Private Label soaps manufacturing
We manufacture Private Label soaps for Italian and foreign leader cosmetic companies and for the Organized Distribution.
Our wide experience enables us to offer a dedicated and diversified service with respect to the client specific requests:
  • Selection and validation of raw materials
  • Development of Formulas
  • New and personalized Packaging solutions.
  • Stability Tests, Microbiological Analysis, Patch Tests.
  • Techical Documentation, P.I.F. Product Information File e CPNP Notification (Reg. EC No. 1223/2009)
  • FULL-SERVICE: the client validates the formula and issues the order with the required specifications. Our company takes care of the entire process: starting from the purchasing of raw materials and packaging material up to the moment of delivery of finished product.

We will provide and make available our structure to meet your needs.